TSA Windfall from Fetzer Trust ---

M K Ramadoss

TSA Windfall from Fetzer Trust ---

TSA should be congratulated in securing financial support from the Trust. The Trust has $100 million, distributes $8 million annually. The main Trust backing it has $500 million and distributes $20 million annually to various charitable causes.

As for the TSA project we are yet to be told of the details and size of the funding. The details will come out sooner or later as it is to be reported in the tax returns due to tax exempt status.

The announcement seem to indicate expectation of the commitment to be for years to come. There is a clear contrast with the commitment of Kern Foundation, which was specifically set up to spread theosophy primarily thru American Section. Fetzer Trust has no specific commitment to theosophy.

Fetzer was introduced to theosophy thru I AM movement and later got interested in Surat Shabd Yoga. The latter has its own system of yogic exercises with special mantras with multiple levels of progress.

The commitment TS-Adyar donors is interlocked with their membership of the Esoteric Section. Unless one or more movers and shakers of the Trust is a TSA member and was induced to sign up to ES, long term expectation of the support of the Trust to TSA should be taken with a grain of salt and planned accordingly.

Let us keep tuned for developments from TSA.


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