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Today, Internet allows employees to give objective feedback which would help both prospective job seekers as well as organizations - Found the following interesting feedback ---


As a smaller organization, with many employees who live on-campus, there is a very strong sense of community. The unique focus and mission of the organization mean that, for the most part, the staff consists of like-minded individuals who value personal development and spirituality above all else. For those with a strong focus on spirituality, the Theosophical Society may be an ideal way to balance one's career with those inner values, something very difficult to achieve in today's economy and society.


Many of the cons are really the flip-side of the pros: While there is a tight-knit sense of community in this workplace, the Theosophical Society can also be described as insular and somewhat out-of-touch with the rest of the world. The organization has been around a long time, and many of its modes of operation are simply dated. Tradition and a sense of doing things "because they have always been done that way" often override the necessary growth and change that the organization needs in order to truly thrive in today's world. Pay is low--in order to be happy working here, one's values need to very strongly align with the mission, as this will tend to be the payoff for people who strongly resonate with the Theosophical Society's vision. Those who do not align very tightly with that vision tend to be ostracized in subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways. The membership demographic is predominately made up of older adults, and while the ideas and insights of the younger members are sought out, they are also often ignored and swept aside, considered irrelevant or untenable. This makes no sense at all. There is little to be gained from purporting to seek ways of reaching out to a younger demographic while clinging so tightly to the existing, dying demographic. This is counterproductive.

Advice to Management

Focus less on paying homage to tradition for its own sake, or on a vision that is too narrow. Instead seek to broaden the organization's focus in order to bring it into greater alignment with the rest of the world. Organizational pride will only go so far: Simply put, if an organization is too out-of-touch with the world around it, it will die off as the rest of the world moves on. Cultivate younger members and potential leaders, but be more flexible in the process. Stop trying to mold newer, younger members towards a predetermined image and listen more closely to the feedback they offer when asked.

Comments like the above should help members understand what is going on and initiate changes needed to speedup spreading theosophy to the suffering world.

Anyone wants to add?


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