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A theosophist should be open minded and objective. So is a journalist who tries to keep their readers informed.
Just took a look at the monthly magazine of Indian Section – The Indian Theosophist which is downloadable as a pdf file for free.
It showed very welcome leadership qualities of Pradeep Gohil who heads the Indian Section which comprises of more than half world-wide membership.
As they say, give the devil its due, I was very impressed about what I saw. Congrats for the great job Gohil is doing. What I like is the transparency. Here are the items that impressed me most ---

Membership of Executive Committee is listed along with their email addresses and cell phone numbers, including that of Gohil.

Membership of Indian Section Council with email addresses and cell phone numbers.

The Annual Report was published with great detail so members can understand what is going on in lodges around the country. It also has detailed membership statistics showing the numbers and changes from prior year.

The Audited Financial Statement was published. It is very detailed and anyone interested can know where the income is coming from and where the money is spent and how much and where the savings are kept. It is unique Indian tradition is that no official gets a monthly salary like in American Section. No member even thinks of taking theosophy money for personal living or enjoyment. In spiritual and public welfare organizations, volunteerism is de facto.

It is a breath of fresh air compared to info you get from Adyar. Try to find out any financial information, you will know what I mean.

Some years ago, when I tried to get American Section tax return which is in public domain, I got a email from the top accountant from Wheaton, informing me that I have to travel to Wheaton and personally pick up the few sheets of paper and the accountant knew how stupid it was and he knew he was breaking the law and I had to tell him that before he mailed me the documents. Guess who was the National President then – Tim Boyd. [The real reason is the tax return has salaries of top officials and key expense details which members are kept in the dark.]

The future of Indian Section under the leadership of Gohil looks very bright. Volunteers would only respond to real leaders who practice what they preach.

Let us all send our kind thoughts to support Gohil for his services to Indian Section.


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