Wheaton Renovation

M K Ramadoss

Dear Bro. Hebert:

I saw the YouTube video and glad you pointed out the need for renovation of buildings at Wheaton.

I am sure you and others at Wheaton would have given some thoughts about how to go about the process of fund raising and executing the renovation. While I am not an expert in renovations, I thought I should share a few thoughts with you which may be helpful in your plans.

1. Appoint a committee of volunteer (unpaid) experts with construction and renovation experience to advise from fund raising to execution. You should chair the committee.
2. The committee should meet in open and meetings streamed live and members and donors allowed to provide inputs in real time. Government entities in USA has shown how open meetings are effective and self protective from allegations of impropriety.
3. There should be full transparency in all money matters. Setup a separate account to run all transactions thru. Income and expense accounts should be published quarterly within two weeks after the quarter. No need to use expensive outside accountants. In house accountants can do it.
4. Donor lists should be published on website. They should be recognized. Updated weekly. Any compensation or consulting fees paid directly or indirectly should be disclosed.
5. Annie Besant expanded Adyar from 11 acres to 250 acres due to complete transparency on money matters. Members responded with generosity. So much for the power of transparency.
6. Bro. Boyd has demonstrated his fund raising ability in Adyar Renovation and has a lot of construction experience. TSA can use his expertise and be invited to join the committee as a member. Of course TSA should not pay him salary or consulting fee. TS was built by unpaid volunteers who freely gave their time for a cause they deemed dear.
7. Theosophy News stands ready to help publicize TSA plans and ongoing progress at no cost to TSA.

Thank you

Fraternally yours

M K Ramadoss
Member, TSA – San Antonio TX
Digital Reporter – Theosophy News
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