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Many of us, long time theosophists, were shocked when we learnt that American Section paid Boyd for his lectures and consulting.

Even if he asked for payment, American Section agreeing to write a check does not make sense. When the Section claimed there is ‘contract’, it became more bizarre – International President entering into a ‘contract’ with a Section!!! So we asked to see the terms of the contract.

Till todate, it is secret. If there is nothing to hide, it should have been made public. Continued to keep it secret – if there is a contract at all – surely there is something in the arrangement that members would not approve of if disclosed. We also do not know how much is paid for lectures and how much for his consulting. Also we do not know if payment is continuing.

Today, with the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, normal business activities are disrupted and in turn affected the income flow. We saw the appeal for donations from American Section. Also indicated was that much of staff was furloughed.

There is a significant technical and professional expertise and experience and wisdom in members of theosophical society. Some of them even excel every leader we know of. Most of them would be glad and willing to share them as unpaid volunteers if only they are asked. With today’s communication tools, they can help remotely from their homes. Distance is no more a impediment. The result is zero cost to American Section.

For students of theosophy to volunteer their time for free, the start should be from the top. Top leader and key staff helping her should set an example by volunteering their services much like early leaders did. Once this is done, volunteers would flock to help American Section. Volunteers would not volunteer if there is a bloated bureaucracy of salaried employees. Covid19 has provided a rare opportunity to turn American Section around with unpaid volunteers toiling to spread theosophy. If the current business model of trying to spread theosophy with ‘salaried priests’ continues, no volunteer will be willing to associate with the administration of American Section.

Let us see if the elected leaders see the great opportunity that covid19 has presented to help American Section.


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