M K Ramadoss

Good question.

The control of TIT is with TSA as majority of the Trustees are officers of TSA.
The TIT's relationship with TSA is called Type I under Income Tax Laws.
TSA can use any of the funds for its use. There is only a small amount of restricted funds which is insignificant.

I think the idea of taking the money in TIT and using it does not seem to have been seriously considered.

Taking the money in TIT is not going to solve the problem. Less money will be coming from Kern Foundation and Cleveland Lodge since all investments have taken a down turn. Kern and Cleveland Lodge disburse the money because they would end up paying income tax if the money is not distributed.

Barbara has a great opportunity to bring in more volunteers who are fired with enthusiasm to spread theosophy and you will see results when such unselfish students of theosophy gets involved. Today everyone at Wheaton - top to bottom - is on salary like Salaried Priests in churches.

Let us all send our good thoughts to give strength to help Barbara make revolutionary changes which are long due. Once she accomplishes this, her next challenge is to do the same in Adyar. During early days of TS, Adyar used to have upto 50 unpaid volunteers from the West.


On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 1:18 AM Ramu <peacebliss@...> wrote:
Is the 17 million with TSA or the Investment Trust? The controllers of the two may not be the same. And the control may not be tussle free. Is there any lien on them or conditions to purpose of application of funds or a portion held in trust for other outfits including Adyar?


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