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Covid19 pandemic has shut down most businesses and created unexpected challenges to individuals and institutions. As theosophists, we know great changes are guided by Inner Guardians who guide them and lead to outcomes which are beneficial to Humanity. In the short term many hurdles have to be crossed and at great suffering and sacrifices.

Today it was discovered that the American Section has sent out an SOS for donations of $150, $500, $1,000 or more to meet the unexpected financial situation it is dealing with. The situation is perhaps the greatest opportunity the Section has to turn things around and make the section vibrant and spread theosophy. The opportunity is unimaginable and unforeseen. Let us objectively take a look.

It is a Natural Law that money cannot help spread great Truths. All Great Leaders of Religions are Sanyasis – those given up everything in life and poor and penniless.

When TS was launched, both HPB and Olcott were poor and penniless. When they landed in India, they had very little money. With what little they earned by writings etc. they helped spread theosophy around the world. Whatever they had, they sacrificed to spread of theosophy. Their Gurus, if they found it appropriate, would have provided with a lot of wealth to enjoy a luxurious living. But they did not. They knew wealth is a great impediment to spreading Truth to the world.

Let us take a look at American Section. It has $17million in the bank earning income. In addition to the money it earns from sale of books etc., it gets from Kern Foundation $1million annually. Also Cleveland Lodge donates $50,000 annually. So American Section has an enviable income.

With all this affluence, the increase in membership is marginal. Numbers speak loudly. So it is clear that any amount of money is not going to make the Section vibrant and make it a leader in the spiritual enterprise.

What this affluence has done is to make everyone at National HQ a salaried employee - top to bottom. TS where it is today is the result of blood and sweat of dedicated volunteers who were fired by the cause. Future of theosophy with salaried workers is doomed. Only dedicated unpaid volunteers can help move the movement forward into the future.

Current Covid19 crisis has opened up a great opportunity to down size salaried workers and invite unpaid volunteers much like early days. In normal times, down sizing would be an herculean task. Can be done only by a strong charismatic leader. Now it can be done very easily.

Today's Covid19 crisis has proven that many tasks can be done remotely from the homes. Even elderly volunteers will be able to do a lot of tasks from their homes. So with a down sized budget, lot more can be accomplished if only an intelligent plan is developed and implemented. It should cost marginal expense.

Bro. Barbara Hebert, National President has been presented with a life time opportunity to turn American Section around by putting it on a financial diet. We do not want her to miss this great opportunity, the Karmic rewards cannot be measured.

Going forward with the philosophy of more and more of money thrown at the organization will only attract men and women who are looking for life time jobs and their heart is only marginally in theosophy.

Already we have seen where the money is leading. International President has to be paid by the Section to do his job – lecturing and advising. No past International President has taken money to lecture on theosophy. The payment was kept secret and when discovered, the Section had to keep the arrangement secret which itself smells fishy. When the secret terms gets discovered, no none knows how the outcome would hurt the future of American Section.

Let us all pray for success of Barbara Hebert to be the catalyst in turning the Section around. With the help of Internet, the world is watching every minute.


M K Ramadoss
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