Donation to American Section

M K Ramadoss

Theosophy News
Published by Theo Sophia · 3 hrs ·


Saw two donation requests. One for $15 from TOS. Another for $150? $500? $1,000 or more from TSA.

TOS is feeding the front line health care workers trying to save lives risking their own life. TSA wants to continue their programs trying to spread theosophy.

Using common sense, saving lives should have priority and we all should send to TOS any money we can afford to spare. The need is very urgent and feeding the needy is practical theosophy. TOS does not have fat bank balance.

TSA has $17 million in the bank and gets $1million+ annually from Kern Foundation.

TSA grew when led by unpaid volunteers in the past. Now is a great chance to tighten the belt and learn how to live frugally. In the meanwhile, take the money in the bank and spend it. Money is to be used when there is urgent need. Let not the current pandemic be used as an excuse to get more money from members.


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