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HPB told her students to be very observant. In nature there are signal foreboding future events.

First time in the history, TS could not find even one among 25,000 members, a full time leader who will reside and work full time from the Masters Home.

First time in the history, double hatting was done. Holding two elected positions – President and head of American Section. Latter was as a salaried employee.

Two of the first acts of new President were cutting down a lot trees and secretly gifting/selling more than half the dairy cows.

Felling the trees gave negative publicity due to news media reporting.

Adyar dairy was operating since the early 1900s and with 250 acres of land, there was no justification. Secret sending off speaks for itself. Later the dairy cows were called ‘cattle’ to justify the decision.

Two life members were kicked out. Both were volunteers did valuable service to theosophy. Kicking out was secret and world came to know when they went to the courts seeking justice. One of them lived and worked at the Masters Home for several years. Todate we do not know the sins they committed warranting kicking out.

Even Olcott had great dilemma in acting against a troublesome member and when he was in his death bed sought the advise of his Gurus. And his Gurus advised that even the bad guy needed our kindness and not action.

Even churches excommunicate as a reformatory step and done openly and not secretly.

This act alone goes against the foundation of theosophy – brotherhood. Greatest impediment to spread theosophy and invite new members.

All the Presidents and leaders are always unpaid volunteers. Recently it came to light that President was paid by the American Section for lecturing and consulting. Getting paid to do his theosophical duty was shocking. When American Section was asked to disclose the ‘contract’ he had, there is silence. There appears to be something in it that discloses the true reasons for the payment.

Obviously not all is well with theosophy movement and as a spiritual movement future does not bode well.

TS cannot do its duty till such time it has many self sacrificing volunteers who are fired with enthusiasm that they are willing to sacrifice everything – their lives and their wealth. World has not seen any successful spiritual movement managed and led by salaried leaders.

It is the duty of few of us who are fired with gratitude for the priceless knowledge we got by being exposed to theosophy. And future depends on us and not the salaried men and women who are lucky to enjoy theosophy money.

Internet needs to be thanked. But for it, the world would be in the dark about what is going on in the theosophy movement. And Internet is going to play a key role in the future spreading of theosophy.


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