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A great delusion has seized current day theosophical movement and its followers. It is affluence that came about from wealth bequeathed by many with good intentions of hoping it would help spread the great message. And followers got entangled by the Esoteric Section and the allure of becoming a chela made them forget the foundation – Brotherhood and unselfishness.

In early days, the founders and their colleagues were poor and penniless. Wealth and spiritual message does not mix. Lord Buddha was born a prince with silver spoon in his mouth. It was only after He gave up everything and became poor and penniless he was enlightened. And His message is still vibrant around the world today after three centuries.

Due to the sacrifices of early leaders, message of theosophy spread world-wide. Early leaders were unselfish and sacrificed everything – prime of their life and all their money.

Unfortunately the traditional human nature took over many a good men and women and they pitifully fell victims to the allure of monetary wealth and the power that comes along. Silent followers eyes are blinded and they do not see the wrong turn the movement has taken. The daily shrinking of followers and theosophy not having traction among the young population speaks loudly. A few unselfish and committed students of theosophy are able to see the current status as it is. Never in the history of the world any great movement grew by men and women who worked for them just for money – salary or otherwise.

Theosophical movement was launched by a handful of men and women like HPB, Olcott, Judge and others. This shows that with few committed unselfish men and women, great achievements are possible.

Today in the midst of Covid19 pandemic we are witnessing how Internet has become indispensable. The full power of Internet is yet to be seen.

Much like democracy moved the power from Kings and Queens to the common man, Internet has moved the power of communication from organizations and governments to the common man and woman – you and me.

To use Internet, all one needs is your time, a computer or phone and access to it. You and me, can reach the entire world at very little cost. Soon we will find an enterprising student of theosophy will come up with Internet based tools to spread theosophy to the world and it would cost nothing. So the challenge you and me face is use our god given creative powers and see what we can do. If this motivation is at the back of your mind every moment, you will discover varied ways you can spread theosophy.

Sadly the entrenched theosophical leaders will foolishly attack all attempts to wake up the good natured but mislead theosophical students since who wants to give up the comfort and enjoyment of theosophical wealth. But the cry of suffering Humanity and Great Inner Powers are behind everyone who tries even a little to help Humanity. Hence let us go forward with optimism and work with Nature.

The challenge is in your and my hands. God speed.


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