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Jayananda Hiranandani

Another Book on the Saint:
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Jayananda Hiranandani

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 10:03:19 PM PDT, Jayananda Hiranandani <professorjaya@...> wrote:

Gurdwaras,the Sikh temples, have a great tradition of free feeding called langar.

On Ramalinga Swami there is a book published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. "The Life and Teachings of Saint Ramalingar" by
SP. Annamalai. A search on the Internet will be helpful.

Jayananda Hiranandani

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A itinerant Westerner cannot understand the culture and tradition in India. Even Western theosophists have a hard time understanding the culture and tradition in India unless one lives many years in India.
The video of recent incidence of a Hotel in Bengaluru feeding transient workers for free was a shock and surprise to anyone from the West. But not for a man in the street in India.

Every day many Hindu Temples in India feed thousands of devotees who show up - rich and poor. A theosophist exposed to theosophical books dealing with constitution of man and techniques of yoga etc does not see the connection of spiritual progress with feeding everyone for free. The connection seems to be a mystery, even a few occultists seem to dare to discuss. Let me explain why.

Long before TS was launched and its Headquarters moved to India one man in India was aware of the plans of the Gurus of HPB and Olcott. He was a man known as Saint Ramalingam in South India. He told his followers that he tried to launch a movement based on Universal Brotherhood, but no takers. But he alerted that people from USA and Russia will come with the same message and everyone would listen.

Obviously he was in contact with the Himalayan Adepts - may be he himself was one of them - as he mysteriously disappeared.

He told his followers to set up a round building in the center of which was a lone oil fed lamp as a temple. Strangely he did not have a picture of him kept in a Shrine Room where his inner circle went and prayed or meditated or participate in rituals promising fast salvation leading to adeptship. The entrance of the building has this -

"only those who have renounced meat and murder should enter"

He commanded that in the temple only vegetarians were allowed to enter and all were fed free every day. It is continued to this day and you can visit and see for yourself and enjoy free food.

I wish someone had inquired of HPB about the link between providing free food and spiritual progress.

By the way when we all learnt how Ramu was denied access to the cafeteria at Adyar (Masters Home) when he was willing to pay for it. Imagine if one of the Masters was physically resident, would he have approved the most unbrothery act!

Unless theosophists wake up and act, what other unbrotherly acts we are going to witness at Adyar.



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