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You and me, who are dues paying members cannot see Mahatma Paintings at Adyar. There is mistaken belief that somehow they are property of the Esoteric Section and hence only its members can visit the Shrine Room and see them.
Common sense tells that controlling access to the paintings is akin to the controlled access to Idols in Hindu Temples. For a long time, the untouchables – the lowest caste were not allowed to enter Hindu Temples and some time ago, Indian Courts ruled that such controlled access is in violation of Indian Constitution.

There is a mistaken belief that the paintings are owned by the Esoteric Section and hence it controls access. Lo and behold, this is not true.

Just came across the Last Will and Testament of Olcott. It says ---

“Mahatma M told me to place the ‘rose’ ring (made in phenomena by HPN) on Mrs. Russak’s fingers. I asked him what it meant & he said as a bond between HPB myself & her as she would be so loyal to our memories so I allow Mrs. Russak to wear it during her life to be given at her death to the curios of the Theosophical Headquarters to be placed in the Adyar Library together with all the other curios coming from HPB & myself also the Masters pictures and all other pictures in the Shrine Room. They to stay always in the Shrine Room as part of the Library. The curios also of the pickle fork sugar tongues & the Rosecrution jewel and the Master M’s portrait (painted by Mrs. Gebhart) now loaned to Annie Besant are to be returned to the curios at Headquarters after her death…”

From the above, it is clear that the Shrine Room and its contents are part of the Library.

It is time that every member who wishes to see the pictures of Mahatmas should be allowed access. Olcott’s will clarifies that the pictures are part of the curios which are part of the Library.

Today, with the help of Internet we are able to research and know the truth. Continued access control cannot last too long. We have the history of access to Hindu Temples which are now open to any Hindu.

Every member should bring up the issue by contacting their elected leaders. Hopefully the leaders will see the writing on the wall and open up access to Mahatma Paintings.


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