Reply to American Section General Secretary - Payment to International President

M K Ramadoss

Just now sent the following message to Bro. Hebert, General Secretary of American Section --

"I am aware that it is customary for organizations not to comment on the specifics of contracts with ‘individuals.’

In Bro. Boyd’s case, he is the elected International President. In the tax return filed with IRS, TSA has stated that he devotes 20 hours per week for TSA and one hour per week for related organization. This is half time work.

All International Presidents in the past worked as unpaid volunteers taking not a single penny of theosophy money. In addition all of them sacrificed their time and money to TS.

No International President was ever paid by Adyar or by the Sections for theosophical work and hence it is unusual. Disclosure of Boyd getting money from TSA is of interest to many long time dedicated dues paying members and hence I requested the details.
Now that you have clarified that the payments ‘were in regard to speaking engagements and consulting.’ , this is first time members are learning International President is getting PAID by TSA for ‘speaking engagements and consulting.’
The information you have provided will help members world-wide know about Bro. Boyd earning money from the Section. 

Thanks for the clarification."


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