International President drawing salary!!! ---

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International President drawing salary!!! ---

It is a tradition among theosophical leaders of the past, they all worked unpaid volunteers. They sacrificed.
In the history of Theosophical Society, after Tim Boyd was elected (election is in contest at Chennai High Court), he double hatted by holding on to the job of General Secretary (National President) of American Section and drawing salary and other financial benefits from the American Section. We knew the details because American Laws require public disclosure of money paid to top officials of tax exempt organizations since taxpayer subsidizes them.

In the latest tax return filed by American Section, it was noticed that Boyd was working 20 hrs per week and drew $27,500.00. An inquiry has been sent to the General Secretary asking for more information about the arrangement between him and the Section.

All successful spiritual organizations are lead by dedicated volunteers who do not take money. Of course food and shelter and clothing is provided by supporters so that the leaders’ basic needs are taken care of. Paid officials can never equal the dedication and sacrifice of committed volunteers. Even when theosophy movement was launched, the Inner Founders looked for committed volunteers who were willing to sacrifice everything and it is how Theosophical Movement spread around the world.

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