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Atmic bomb... I like it)

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Another small fact which may not have been documented is this.

Dr. Jean Raymond, an International Secretary of yesteryears died their in one of the smaller buildings in the compound of Olcott Bungalow. Mr. Sri Ram appointed her, and then the designation was Recording Secretary. During her tenure the same was changed.

I am mentioning about her is due to a noble thought she stated .It has been my regret that I did not have opportunities to learn more from her. As we were talking, it was during the 1975 Convention,a cat passed between us. I asked her if the cat belonged to her. She said,''animals do not belong to us. We belong to them for the love and trust they have in us.'' Would not our earth be far better place if we treated the animals with kindness,honour and dignity? Lord Buddha, as per Edwin Arnold's "Light of Asia'', showed great compassion. His treating of the bird downed by Devadutta is one example. Another example is his speech at the temple in the realm of Bimbasara where animal sacrifice was stopped due to his teaching. His book is worth reading. It has been translated into Sindhi by Mr. Jethmal Parsram Gulrajani, a theosophist. It is titled "Purava Jyoti". In Punjabi, by Mr. Mohan Singh with the title "Asis di Chandini''.Russian, Thai, Dutch, Vietnamese, French, Lao, Hindi, Danish, Sinhalese, Italian and German versions ae also there.I came up about the version, except for Sindhi and Punjabi, from

This has been a not to the point presentation. Mr. Gulrajani in 1945, when the atomic bomb was used in war, said the that the answer to world problems is :not atomic bomb but atmic bomb. Theosophy and other philosophies attempt at the latter.

Something about Mr. Schwarz. It may need verification. My father told me about him. Under him  bank was started, but it failed. Dr. Besant ensured that the depositors got back their money.

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I regret that I got confused between Olcott Bungalow and Blavatsky Bunglow. Kindly excuse me for the error. I did have a disclaimer that verification may be needed. What i said applies to Blavatsky Bungalow.

With respect to Olcott Bungalow, here are some additional facts:

Mr. John Coats stayed their when he was the President.

Madame Maria  and Mr. Mario Montessori conducted her first Primary Course there in 1939.  can recollect the place.

School of the Wisdom used to meet there. I attended one or two meetings there in 1950.

Jayananda Hiranandani

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Thanks for the additional information.

I feel sorry for Olcott! (and his family) not enjoying the luxury of the great Mansion.

I recall once Jiddu Krishnamurti said that when you are small inside, you want everything big - big home, big car, and.. associate with big country!
Historical information is always very interesting.

All of us can learn a lot by observing history and what is going on now!

Is not Internet providing a lot of fun that all of us can enjoy!

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Here are some other facts. They may need verification.
Rabindra Nath Tagore stayed there. There is a tablet for him with Mrs. Rukmini Arundale’s name as Chairman of the Tamil Nadu State Committee to mark his centenary,

Also, downstairs the hall is known as Pavlova Theatre in honour of the great Russian ballerina who was of great inspiration to Dr. Rukmini Arundale.
Jayananda Hiranandani 

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Theosophy News
Published by Theo Sophia · 1 min ·

Currently, the President and his family live there (in grand style befitting President office) during their infrequent visits. Here are some interesting facts.

Donated around 1910 by Schwartz who was the Treasurer.
He was also the donor of Damodar Gardens. At that time:
Schwartz lived in upper floor.
D. Schrader lived in lower floor.
Miss. Kofel who worked at the Pariah School (now Olcott School) which had over 700 students built a cottage next to it and lived there.
It is next to the beach.

Olcott did not live there.
Annie Besant did not live there.
C W Leadbeater did not live there.
J Krishnamurti did not live there.
George Arundale did not live there.
C Jinarajadasa did not live there.
N Sri Ram did not live there.
Radha Burnier did not live there.

They all missed enjoying the Mansion!!!

Is it not interesting???

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