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Years ago, it was argued that while H S Olcott lived at Adyar, he was constantly traveling in connection with spreading theosophy, the President need not live at Adyar. President can live anywhere and yet lead TS in its role to spread theosophy.

On the face of it, the logic looks good. All the leaders and senior members bought this argument. Ended up with a part-time transient leader occasionally visiting Adyar.

All prior Presidents lived and worked full time at Adyar. There is an real inner secret to the need for the President living at Adyar. You have to go back to a lecture by T Subba Rao, who was considered by HPB to be her equal in occult matters.

In the lecture talks about the secret behind places of pilgrimage. These places attract millions of people. It is not the buildings or other conveniences that attract the masses. A Westerner who has no idea why the attraction would be at a loss to explain.

Subba Rao explained how each place of pilgrimage is the seat of an Initiate unknown to the masses, even though there is a tradition in South India about ‘Siddhas’ resident in pilgrimage places. This confirms the fact that for the power of attracting of masses requires the physical presence of an individual.

What applies to places of pilgrimage applies to Adyar – Masters Home. It is just common sense and anyone can see it.

It is a pity that during the election were totally ignorant of this very important truth and were brain washed to think that an itinerant part time leader is sufficient for the future of TS. Now Adyar and TS is paying the price.

It is time for members and leaders to wake up. TS cannot flourish with remote control management and no amount of renovation including a five star accommodation in Leadbeater Chambers is a substitute for a resident leader.

On the eve of Foundation Day, let us all think about the issue. Future of TS is bleak with itinerant leadership.


PS: All brain washed members may be in delusion that all is well and keep their mouths shut either due to fear of kicking out or delusion. It is time to start using their god given thinking capability and decide what they want to do to help theosophy and TS.


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