Kicking out life members of Theosophical Society

M K Ramadoss

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Like cancer slowing killing, secretly kicking out Krishnaphani and Ramu - is seen by theosophical leaders as a great accomplishment - may be teaching a lesson to all members -- While it may be legal, it is obviously contrary to what theosophy tries to spread - Brotherhood.
Even churches do not kick out anyone secretly - done in the open -- and it is reformatory. A member is welcomed back if he or she repents.
So today, with the help of Internet, Theosophy is seen worse than churches. Do you wonder why membership is shrinking?

Olcott had a great dilemma in kicking out a problem member. So great was his dilemma that he sought the counsel of his Guru. What was the advise? Even the bad member needs our kindness. While this was published more than 100 years ago, current leaders don't care. They think they have more wisdom in secretly kicking out. What a sad and pitiful state of affairs. Unless clear thinking theosophists rebel, you cannot spread theosophy to the world.

Here is a comment one of the Inner Founders made ---

In the eyes of the 'Masters' no one is ever 'utterly condemned'. As the lost jewel may be recovered from the very depths of the tank's mud, so can the most abandoned
snatch himself from the mire of sin, if only the precious Gem of Gems, the sparkling germ of the Atma, is developed. Each of us must do that for himself, each can if he but will and persevere.


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