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Latest debacle is putting old members thru shivering winter with sub standard accommodation and dirty bathrooms and toilets. Would you put your father or mother octogenarian thru such conditions exposing them for a great danger to their health? Is this practical Theosophy? Blaming on weather is silly because anyone who lived in Varanasi knows bitter cold in Winter and should be no surprise.

Starting with secret kicking out of members at Varanasi - kicking out of Krishnaphani and Ramu took place there - now we have the convention debacle - we all witnessed thru online streaming. This could have been fixed at Adyar but not done. [Would you want to join an organization with such secret policies? Please explain] This is the greatest stumbling block for growth of TS and spreading of theosophy. All of us are seen as hipocrites - preach brotherhood and practice a restrictive type calling brothers as 'ballast'.

During convention, apparently the elect leaders (and their families) had a great time in 5 star accommodation and gourmet food - all funded by theosophy money. While it may be legal, it is totally immoral.

Responsibility cannot be delegated. So when things go wrong the blame goes to the top.

Here is a quote of interest: [looks like a theosophist wrote]

Simply put, people who are mediocre at certain things often think they are better than they actually are, and therefore, fail to grow and improve. Great leaders, on the other hand, are great for a reason — they recognize their weaknesses and seek to get better.



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