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M K Ramadoss

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Published by Theo Sophia · Just now ·

When with much ado, world was told that Varanasi Convention had 1500 delegates. Even during previous Presidents, the delegate count used to be around 1,200. Last year it was around half. So the numbers do not add up especially because even the membership in India was shrinking.

The news from grapevine is that to inflate delegate count, many students were signed up and real number of member sign up is around 600.

In today’s world it is impossible to hide the truth. Let us not disturb those who believe the outstanding success in numbers. We all know the hardships faced by many members who are not used to harsh cold weather and many who were unprepared for it. This was compounded by substandard unheated accommodation (except for the preveliged leaders from the West) and dirty bath rooms and toilets. Those who could not attend and had to view streamed program are lucky in that they did not face the hardships.

Anyone wants to add additional information or details?


PS: All the foreign delegates enjoyed the trip using theosophy money with perhaps a very few exceptions. Indian Delegates did not travel using theosophy money!!!

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