Just as the body craves for food, often excessively, and often as a habit too, the mind also craves for all kinds of information, not only far in excess of necessity but also by habit; and through learnings for learnings' sake and by the mind's habit of seeking occupation all through the time when one is awake.
As one grows, and with some introspection, one would realise that one's mind has become heavy with accumulated information from many sources such as education, upbringing, culture, entertainments, religion, rituals, ideologies, etc. Add to this heaviness, the weight of (sanskaras) retained impressions of experiences, and memories thereof, of both pain and pleasure, the mind can be a very heavy burden on itself. 
Thinking too is predominantly a habit or we soon indulge in thoughts as a habit and such thoughts feed more and more to the above described burden.
Unnecessary mental accumulations soon turn into mental garbage. 
Unnecessary talks and discussions can also be major sources of these garbage accumulation. 
By being aware of these phenomena and their processes and the ever expanding external sources of information cramming, and by practices such as nipping each unnecessary thought as it arises, and desisting from seeking and absorbing all kinds of information like a sponge, we can unburden the mind by what can be generally called 'UNLEARNING'. 
There is a saying in critical medicine - "As long as the body eliminates, there is hope." This applies to the mind too. 
The end result of 'UNLEARNING'  should be seen to be experienced and to have a very light mind to give us a state of being marked by peace and bliss.

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