On Going Sad Debacle in Varanasi –

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On Going Sad Debacle in Varanasi –
You may have seen reports on Internet, the great fanfare and rosy announcement of 1,400 registration for the International Convention which just started. The reports from the ground is different - shocking and sad.

The Indian Winter at Varanasi is at its height; very cold and chilly 6 degrees. It is expected to continue rest of the week. The air quality is hazardous for next couple of days. (You can Google weather and see for yourself.)

Anyone who has visited Varanasi Indian Section knows the accommodation infra structure is poor and cannot handle large number of visitors during Winter.

Today, Delegate are spending shivering sleepless nights housed in substandard unheated rooms with dirty toilets and baths. It is so bad that many are thinking of leaving in next few days.

Indian Section is not to be blamed for the debacle and the issue of cold winter weather was foreseen and the Section suggested Convention be moved to October instead of December so the pleasant weather would help visitors. It was turned down by Adyar leadership and now the poor delegates are bearing the brunt of shivering nights and dirty toilets.

Varanasi is having International Convention and not Indian Section Convention. Hence President, Vice President (who lives not far from Varanasi), and International Secretary are personally responsible for planning and smooth execution so delegates are well taken care of and not exposed to hardships at the height of Indian Winter. None of the officers made advance planning trips so there are no surprises or hardships delegates have to face.

Recall the much ado made by International Secretary making planning trips to Spain and Singapore for the meetings in Europe and Singapore which are minuscule compared to ongoing International Convention at Varanasi. Responsibility cannot be delegated.

We had hoped to report a very happy Convention. We feel sad that our brother and sister delegates are facing the shock and disappointment of their lives due to neglected planning of the convention.

PS: Most Indians are not used to chilly Winter. Recall when Mohini M Chatterji was in England and was staying in a cold room in A P Sinnett’s home in London, Mahatma KH noticed it and alerted Sinnett to move him to a warm room. Mahatma KH knew of English weather and Indian constitution first hand. It shows the great care and interest Adepts take on Chelas. It also teaches a truth about the constitution of Indians?


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