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In a few days, next convention will start at Varanasi. The headquarters of Indian Section is located there.
Indian Section is the largest section in the world - more than 50 % world wide membership.
Varanasi is the holiest pilgrimage center Hindus visit much like Moslems visit Mecca. It is the tradition among Hindus that one needs to visit Varanasi at least once in a life time. In old times, anyone traveling to Varanasi would be given a grand send off since travel was hard and many did not return having died during the trip. Also when the pilgrim returns back, they are accorded a grand welcome by the community.
Indian Section members are 99% Hindus and hence convention offers them a great chance to visit Varanasi and fulfil their life wish. So if you there is high turnout, do not be mislead to think there is a resurgence in India with the current leadership and the delegates are not looking for wisdom from the leaders.
While Varanasi is the holiest pilgrimage city, it was here that the members like Krishnaphani and Ramu - dedicated life members were kicked out - and the matter is in courts. What Olcott could not come to do, a group of members lead by leadership secretly kicked them out. We all knew about it since they went to Indian Courts to get justice. The harm done to TS by this act is going to last a very long time since in today's Internet world it cannot be kept secret and no young man or woman can be encouraged to join a group which secretly kicks out dedicated life members. Just use your common sense. Would you join?
All the leaders who enjoy theosophy money may be in denial that all is well. You be the judge using simple common sense.


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