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Just received info from a friend that Ali Ritsema, a long time theosophical worker and former General Secretary of the Dutch Section of the Theosophical Society passed away. She was well regarded for her dedicated service to the Cause. In 2014, she gave a lecture at Adyar and an excerpt from the reporting follows:

“S. Ramu, the president of the Madras Theosophical Federation, introduced Ali to a record crowd of about 100 people. In his concluding remarks, Ramu quoted J. Krishnamurti as having said that we do not take the laws of karma seriously because, if we did, our conduct would be vastly different from what it actually is. He expressed his hope that Ali’s message would inspire a transformation in the lives of all those who attended the program.

When the meeting ended, many of the participants surrounded Ali with further questions and gave her their e-mail addresses, as she generously agreed to send them an electronic file with her slides.”

Every theosophist should be grateful for her dedicated service.

May she be back from her stay in Devachan and pick up serving the cause again.

By the way, readers should be reminded of the aging membership and the declining membership. It should be remembered that Ramu, a dedicated life member, was kicked out from Adyar both as a member and physical resident and it has damaged TS for ever. Which young man or woman who reads about it on Internet is going to join TS?



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