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Kicking out Krishnaphani was the most foolish act ever TS has witnessed in its history. Those behind the decision did not think through. Old men who grew up in pre Internet days. Thought Krishnaphani would succumb (once you are kicked out, you are shut off from entering Shrine Room) and apologize and everything would be kept secret and no one would know. Alas, he did not and went to courts seeking justice. The big elephant in the room is today’s Internet where nothing can be hidden and everything gets broadcast world-wide instantly. Who would join any organization which secretly kicks out its members (till today we do not know the reasons for kicking out)? Every young man and woman considering theosophy, will Google and instantly finds out kicking out dedicated life members.

While this episode was going on, it was a dumber decision to kick out Ramu who was living and working at Adyar. He too was a dedicated life member. He too went to courts for justice and we all knew about kicking out and in addition other episodes that took place at Adyar.

Routinely Churches in the West excommunicates members. The action is not secret and the reasons are laid out transparently. In addition such action is reformatory so that the member can come back if he or she repents and acts contritely.

So theosophy kicking out make it appear that churches are very liberal and fair to its members.

You be the judge. How do you reconcile and convince a prospect that today’s theosophy is exemplifying the highest principles of Divine Wisdom? Let us also remember that Olcott had great difficulty in acting against a problem member and sought the wise advice from his Gurus. The advise was that even troublesome member needs our kind thoughts. Humans change over time



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