Taking (and enjoying) Theosophy Money

M K Ramadoss

A member responded to me as follows:
Receiving salary or not accepting that is a matter depending on one's financial position and status. but what is most important and pertinent is a member's commitment and conviction in the basic tenets of theosophical philosophy and a deep sense of dedication and devotion to popularize them among the public."Sun of Theosophy shines for all."

To me, early leaders such as HPB and Olcott set Golden Standard. TS spread world-wide because of their sacrifice.

If one cannot sacrifice and needs salary and benefits (with no transparency) from theosophy money, then they are like 'Salaried Priests' and we are seeing the consequences today. Membership is shrinking. Until we get leaders like HPB and Olcott, we cannot effectively spread the truths of theosophy. We can keep on talking with high sounding vocabulary and no one pays any attention. Membership growth is an objective measure.

M K Ramadoss
Digital Reporter
Theosophy News

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