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On the eve of Foundation Day, the focus of many theosophists is Adyar. All remember the sacrifices made by the Founders and many known and unknown members around the world. Theosophy spread around the world because of self sacrifice and commitment to the Cause.

Of late what we find is shrinking membership around the world. Leadership has to come from Adyar.

Many around the world are willing and able to support any effort from Adyar. But before anyone is willing to part with their money or their sweat, they think if their money and sweat will help spread theosophy. Let us review current conditions are future direction as we all see it. And today, with Internet Social Media, the world is watching every decision – good, bad and ugly. Nothing can be hidden.

- Kicking out dedicated life members with no transparency on the sins they have committed. Olcott had such great difficulty in responding to a problem member that he sought advise from Theosophical Mahatmas. Advise was that even the bad member needs our kind thoughts and not kicking out. What are we seeing? Kicking out by TS makes excommunication by churches to be very liberal!

- Olcott and other leaders succeeded because of self sacrifice. They gave everything – prime of life and all their money - for spreading of theosophy. HPB even sold her jewelry to help theosophy.

- Today all leaders are on salary directly or indirectly. In addition all we see is their travel and enjoyment of theosophy money under the ruse of meetings and conferences in nice vacation locations.

- Olcott and all past leaders were very sensitive to transparency in money matters. Money is the weakest link for any organization. Today transparency is a joke. Money parked in USA and other places and spent with no transparency. So if you donate you do not know where it ends. There can be no compromise on transparency on money matters.

- TS was founded to spread theosophy to the suffering masses. The objectives of new ‘theosophical’ school at Adyar are great. But targeting the fatcat kids while callously neglecting the Free School established by Olcott cannot spread theosophy. It is wasting theosophy money meant to spread theosophy not run schools for the rich.

- Unless and until we get leaders who are self sacrificing, wrong headed decisions will continue and theosophy has becoming a laughing stock and who will support current policies. The continuing harm makes it difficult for anyone speak about theosophy to prospective theosophist.

- Anyone has any better idea?


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