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M K Ramadoss

Let us all pray to our favourite deities. May be we can expect a miracle.

When world had a great need, Lord Krishna came and set things right.

Anything can happen? No one can see the future.

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Who can make closed minds reactive and rejuvenated?

Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

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Subject: [theosophy] CONFUSED -- Need help?

CONFUSED -- Need help?

The 'theosophical' school at Adyar is to produce -

“well-balanced, emotionally mature, socially responsible, morally upright, and spiritually sensitive individuals.”

Are there anyone at Adyar who will fit into the above definition?

Can someone make a list of men and women at Adyar who will fit the above definition?

Or is this an extension of the mentorship program run from Krotona (where ES HQ is located)? (Recall Ramsey episode)


Many are confused. Obviously all the leaders seem to be sold on this?

PS: You and me are missing a chance to develop into well-balanced, emotionally mature, socially responsible, morally upright, and spiritually sensitive persons.


We may have to wait till next incarnation - about 1,000 years - too long. Any short cut??? (secret method?)


Anyone from outside looking at what is going on, neglecting Olcott School for poor kids and pushing a 'theosophical' school spending theosophy money would too be confused and wonder there is something wrong in the theosophical logic.

Any one wants to help????

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