Theosophy made a laughing stock???

M K Ramadoss

Very few in the world know what theosophy is.

Of late, Internet forums such as Facebook helps people everywhere to get info.

Recently many saw on Facebook a photo of birthday celebration of TS International President at Adyar.

In the Eastern Tradition, adults do not celebrate birthdays. Reason is simple.

In one of the letters to Sinnett, Mahatma KH pointed to the foolishness of celebrating birthdays as is common in the West.

Birthday really marks one year closer to the grave! Nothing to celebrate about.

When many in the East saw Adyar celebration, it was not a display of Divine Wisdom!

Theosophy is becoming a laughing stock. How do you talk about theosophy?

Thankfully due to Internet we are all witnessing the wisdom as well as stupidity of people and organizations!

M K Ramadoss

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