M K Ramadoss

The earliest use of Internet to help discussions and dissemination of theosophy related matters was the use of email list theos-l set up by John E Mead - a pioneer.

From day 1, organizational leaders did not like it since they had no control over it. One time an subtle unsuccessful attempt was made to take over. Then there was the failed attempt from American Section to setup a moderated mailing list.

Later Eldon Tucker set up theos-talk at yahoogroups and the action moved to it. Recently, yahoo decided to shutdown the groups and the group along with all archived messages has moved to a new home at groups.io.

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, they became defacto platforms for discussion and broadcast of info and news.

Yet email groups are flourishing since the email is delivered to your mail in-box. There are 100 million users in email groups. Many like this mode of delivery of info and news.

Facebook and Twitter make their money thru advertisements and selling info about your activities in their platform. This was also the case with yahoo.

Withe the new platform groups.io, your info is kept private and they do not sell or use it. This should encourage many who are sensitive to privacy.

Internet tools are the most powerful ones to bring the world together and bring transparency. Old organizational model to spread theosophy has become obsolete as evidenced by the daily shrinking of membership in spite of a lot of money pumped into it. Another indication is self-sacrificing volunteers have disappeared as salaried leaders have taken over and what the world is witnessing is leaders enjoying theosophy money to attend meetings and conferences in nice vacation locations and thru Internet world sees it all.

We can look forward to a great future for theosophy with the help of Internet tools accessible to you and me.

Thank you

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