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Here are the interview topics/questions I would put forward:

Regarding Theosophy and the movement in general:

1          How can we expand the awareness of Theosophical aims and aspirations within the general public?
2          How can we specifically reach out to young people across the world to consider our ideas and tenets? 

Regarding the Society as an organization:

3         How can we attract more interest and members to the Society?
4          What should be our business model and strategic plan for financial health and growth?
5          How can we make better use of social media and other means to better communicate with each other and with the leadership to facilitate the democratic ideals expressed by our founders and reinforced by Master KH's last letter to Besant: "Misleading secrecy has given the death blow to numerous organizations".
6          What should be the future of the Esoteric Section?  Is it still relevant? If so how should it be governed?

Regarding the current situation in Adyar:

7 Letters have circulated regarding the management of Headquarters at Adyar and some practices toward staff. What are your plans to review the management and issues that have been raised?
8 Finally, your recent election has been challenged regarding irregularities in the Indian Section. How to you plan to address these questions?

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Greeting to all following this discussion,

I want to remark on MKR 
"Hope someone
will have the courage to openly talk about what happened behind closed
doors and why we have ended up with the current situation."

If there was that person and had the chance to do it on live radio, 
What would you want her to ask Mr. Boyd about the situation?

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