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Good thoughts.  I need to be more mindful of patience, it isn't my strong suit!  :-)

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We all tried to help find a really capable full time leader get elected through a free and fair election.

You are one of the few members who took the time to speak up. There are others, who for varied reasons want to be anonymous are behind our efforts. Thanks for your participation and support.

The timing was not yet right in that all efforts did not have immediate effect. History shows that great achievements are due to a few individuals, not masses. Few of us who have openly and actively tried should keep up our optimism and continue to keep up with our efforts. Our greatest ally is Internet.

On TS, long time ago, Jiddu Krishnamurti commented:

“Consider the weakness of human nature. Some creed will get control of the thing, or will be fighting for it and giving trouble all the time.”

This is exactly what is going on for many decades. It is due to Internet we are now able bring out the issue to the attention of theosophists. While apologists of status-quo who are blind to the problem, will simply dismiss the observation since they cannot discuss openly what is going on behind the scenes.

It is a simple fact that any organization which is incapable of conducting  a fair and free election and has a part-time itinerant leader cannot go too far.

Many members know that there is a very small minority in the GC, who have recognized the seriousness of the problems of TS and have been trying to fix them. But their time has not yet come and surely it will come.

The issues have now been planted in the consciousness of theosophists and they cannot but grow and yield results. Let us be patient and keep discussing the issues to keep them alive in the minds of members.



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I am not inclined to believe that anything in this organization is going to change without a revolution.

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When the allegations about the election in India came up, all the GC members and the candidates were aware of it.

One wonders why the candidates did not pick up on it and vigorously address the issue and tell the election committee that they would not put up with irregularities as the outcome would be damaged no matter who is declared the winner. If this has been done, and the matter were addressed transparently and fixed - by redoing election in India fully transparently and with independent controls and supervision, the candidates and everyone would have come out smelling like a rose.

By being silent and acquiescing in inaction of the Election committee, we have a serious mess on our hands and to this day every one is silent.

Even the President has not shown any leadership in addressing this head on.

Daily revelations that come out is more and more damaging everyday. Continuation of the policy of silence is not going to make things better. Urgent transparent action is what is needed today. Anyone listening???


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