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It seems that members fall into three camps:  
1 and eager to see the Society move into the 21st century with open and transparent leadership, 
2 apologists like Jan Nicholas Kind and the others who say we are mean and too demanding to ask questions of our "leadership" (I recall k's famous line if you are going to change why don't you change now?")
3 the rest of the membership that apparently has no opinion, interst or motivation to join in a discussion.

This discussion on the election has had far to few people weighing in in my opinion.  If we waited patiently while the "elders" decide what's best for us behind closed doors, why have a membership at all?  It could just be a cult.  Oh I forgot, we actually pay money for them to treat us like this.  hmmm.


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Thanks. Let us wait and see how events shape up.


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Since the elections for the presidency of TS Adyar have been the "dish of the day" on theos-talk, here is one more opinion that I found just moments ago:


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