Re: theos-talk How do we know?


The answer, because of the gag-order that we have been discussing, is that we don't know. That means that we can only speculate but speculate based on evidence:  the evidence on Mr. Boyd is he has not indicated his interest in resigning his paid position at the TSA, second, that he has not said he would move to Adyar, three, that he has a private consulting business already and we do not know his plans for that.  Consequently, the speculation you describe below is one scenario that is possible. 

I like many members are going to view this election incident and its ramifications when it comes time to renew my membership.


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Subject: theos-talk How do we know?

The statement is made that one of the 2 presidential TS candidates "may be a part-time, salaried. non resident who may also be involved in his own private business and remotely administering from other side of the world."

How do we that that this is true?

Rumors and sheer speculations are not evidence or facts.

Rumors can gain currency without having a shred of factual basis.

So what is the factual basis of this "may be" statement?


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