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Exactly.  If you say it's the wrong method, that suggests you have a better method, so please share it.

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If there are any better ideas, feel free to share with us. IMHO, silence and passivity is not going to help.


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Hi I don't think this is going to work to be honest. It is not the correct approach to get done what is intended.
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Thanks for the important issue. I am glad you caught it. I hope the candidates respond. In the past, no discussions took place on the views of candidates on important issues and in current situation and with the availability of Internet, voters have an opportunity to find out what they can expect from the candidates if elected. If any other important issue was missed, please feel free to bring it up. Now is the time.


On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 9:13 PM, Jayananda Hiranandani <professorjaya@...> wrote:
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The questions posed to the two candidates are interesting.
I do not see an important question, or it has escaped my notice
There has been comments for more than four decades that the Internationa Headquarters should be shifted to the West from India. I have heard it for more than four decades.
I think that this is a premier question and the comments of the two candidates should be sought.
Thanking you,
Yours fraternally,
Jayananda Hiranandani

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On behalf of several members of TS, the following was sent to the two Presidential Candidates. When responses are received, they will be posted on theos-talk. Thanks for the interest and support of the members.


January 28 , 2014

By Email

To: Mr. Tim Boyd
Mr. C V K Maithreya

Dear Brothers:

First of all, our congratulations on your nomination for the office of International President.

Since most members world-wide, do not know much about both of you, interested members have drawn up a list of questions, addressing various aspects about yourself and your future plans for the Theosophical Society. Your responses will help voting members understand both of you, your views, and future plans. The list of questions are attached.

It is requested that you provide your responses which would be distributed world-wide using Internet mailing list theos-talk (at Groups).

It would be highly appreciated if you can email your responses by February 5, 2014
to: MKR777@....

Thank you

Yours Fraternally,

Interested TS Voters

Note: The questions are listed below.

List of Questions for Presidential Candidates
January 28, 2014

Many members feel that the current election is one of the most critical elections in the history of TS. Most members world-wide know very little about both the Presidential Candidates. In order that voting members get a better understanding of various issues related to them, listed below are some important questions. It is hoped that you will provide responses so that we will have well-informed voters exercising their ballot so that the best candidate gets elected.

1. Philosophy:

As for your personal philosophy, can you be placed in one or more of three Adyar TS orientations - Blavatskyan, Leadbeaterian and Krishnamurtian, or you have some other view?

What are your views about "good" war or "good" violence?

2. Vision:

Where do you expect TS would be in the next decade?
What areas are your emphasis on growth?
What is your target membership in next decade?

3. Plans

List up to three major priorities you have for your term.
How do you plan to address them?

4. Lessons from history

What do you think we might learn the history of the theosophical movement?

5. Sacrifices

What personal sacrifices have you made for theosophy and TS?

6. Spiritual Practice

Is there any spiritual practice that you carry out daily or very often?

7. Living at Adyar

Do you plan to live and work from Adyar like all past seven Presidents?

8. Personal Finance:

Do you plan to take salary from TS?

9. Holding dual Offices

(This question is for Tim Boyd)

Since you are running for the office of International President and National President of American Section, do you plan to hold both of them concurrently if elected?

10. Travel and lecture

Do you plan to extensively travel and lecture world-wide?
What percentage of your time do you plan to travel and lecture?

11. Use of Internet

How, or do you, plan to use the Internet to further the goals of TS?
What specific steps do you plan to take to use the Internet to reach the younger population which is growing up in a dynamic fast paced multi-interactive environment?
How do you plan to interact with members world-wide using Internet technology?

12. Election of International President
(This is especially important as Tim Boyd was the Vice President of American Section when it was attempted in 2008.)

Do you support the idea that disenfranchisement of voters and selection of President by GC members would result in better selection of President?

13. Administration

Do you plan to set up an Adyar administration modeled after the American Section?

14. Health Condition

Are you in perfect health now?
Are there any health issues that voters need to be aware of?

Response deadline:

It is requested that the candidates provide responses by February 5, 2014 and they will be distributed world-wide using theos-talk (at Groups).

Candidates are requested to email their responses to: MKR777@...



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