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Reading more knowledgeable comments from MKR, I thank him for informing me more of Mr. Maithraya, who does now sound even better.  I also concur that the TSA is floundering in bureaucracy and secrecy, but we rank and file members can't seem to even find the handles to turn, let alone turn then toward reform. I would love to hear from other TSA members to see if such a movement could be accomplished.

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On , jeffndc wrote:

If those are the only two candidates, it seems pretty clear the Mr. Maithreya will be the next President.  As a member of the TSA, Mr. Boyd is a nice enough man, but in my opinion, not a serious contender for a worldwide organization or the ES.  I don't know much about Mr. Maithraya, but I am disappointed that there is not a candidate from more "objective" background who could be a the breath of revitalization and reform that we have so often discussed. 


On Saturday, January 11, 2014 10:58 AM, Morten Nymann Olesen wrote:
If so, then I find that CVK Maithreya is the best choice. But that is just me.

Den 11-01-2014 14:52, paulobaptista_v skrev:
According to the info on the website of the Brazilian section the candidates are:

Tim Boyd (appointed by Joy Mills, Keith Fisher and by the GS of the sections of East and Central Africa, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, England, Finland, France, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines and USA).

CVK Maithreya (appointed by Bhupendra Vora, Keshwar Dastur by the GS of the sections of East and Central Africa, South Africa, Western Africa, Argentina, Cuba, England, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden).

Please correct me if I am wrong...I don´t care much about elections in the TS, but since this subject has been discussed here, I think these are fresh news.

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