Re: theos-talk Has TS GC Secretly Changed the Rules leading to disenfranchisement?



This discussion regarding the future is of interest to me in two ways:  one, it engenders an ambiguous feeling within me--are organizations the way to engage people in esoteric pursuit?--and two, how do we measure impact?  part of me wants to see more people in the world consider the values of theosophy and therefore, improve memberships numbers, but a part of me also questions whether any kind of recruitment will ever succeed?  I thought about the topic and wonder if there are any data available on the actual numbers of people worldwide engaged in any serious esoteric organizations.  I discovered an interesting group started in 2002 of academics studying esotericism.  Have any of you further data or ideas on both the dilemma (or maybe it's just my own dilemma) and how to get a handle on the relative size and direction of the "movement"?



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What's that Lat./Long. of the Original HeadQuarters - do you know?

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