Veteran sdr with Eden DSP board By Clarence Peckham ·
New RD15HVF1 from Mitsubishi 15 messages By Stew N8VET ·
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Magnis 6M operation By Stew N8VET ·
New Veteran SDR build finished but no PC Required. By Clarence Peckham ·
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6 Meters BPF changes 2 messages By Stew N8VET ·
Ordering PCBs 2 messages By n7ihq@... ·
up and running 2 messages By ron smith ·
experience so far with VET SDR and a few questions:) 3 messages By ron smith ·
KO5MO Veteran Build 45 messages By hamop1964@... ·
The Vet Enclosure 4 messages By Stew N8VET ·
Setting Output Levels 7 messages By K7ILO ·
Sound card req's 20 messages By Bill Layer ·
VetSDR Tayda cross-reference 3 messages By Mike ·
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