The Harp Meister's Place

Harmonica, Blues Harp, Mississippi Sax . . . Call it what you want. That's what this group is about.

Pro players, welcome! Please join us to share your skills and knowledge, Beginners, Welcome!!!  Come join us and learn from the real players and pros, who do what you want to do!

I've been performing since the later mid 60's. Been there, did that! And would like to show you how to do it, too!

Where to start? What to buy? What key should you start with? How many keys do you need to buy? How much should you spend for a harp to start?  Do you need to buy a mic? An amp?  If so, what to buy!

Q&A for anyone wanting to play harp!  Be it Blues, Celtic, Country, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Rock . . .

Come join us. Ask questions. Share your skills. Answer questions!!

Plus we'll cover a lot of other related topics! Music Theory! Playing harp AND other instruments.  Playing in a band. What is the proper protocol for a harp player in a band. Stage presence.  Gear. How to audition for a band. How to ask a band if you can sit in, AND if you should ask!!!

Hope to see you! Come join me.

Wayne Reed

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