LUDI NOVI ROMANI | One Last Call Before the End

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus

Cn. Lentulus quaestor omnibus Quiritibus sal.

I hope you continue to enjoy your festival, the celebration of yourself, your community, your achievements, Quirites! Tomorrow, our aediles P. Annaeus and A. Iulius will close the games, so hurry up with participating, you have still a full day and some more: remember, you will earn CENSUS POINTS and higher status in Nova Roma, your votes will weight more, your name will ring more nicely, and all the beautiful boys and girls of Nova Roma will love you more dearly ;)

Here you can access all programs and contests of the current Ludi Novi Romani:

Please let me know if you find the page useful, or you miss something from the page! Feedback is appreciated! Don't you find the added little logos for each program nice? It adds more respect to our games!

Before I close my letter, I would like call your attention to TOMORROW'S PROGRAM, the closing day of the celebration of the anniversary of Nova Roma: Anna Perenna Day. The day when Caesar was stabbed, the Ides of March. Anna Perenna was celebrated by the Romans on that day since the dawn of time. The Romans celebrates Anna Perenna by drinking wine, and an old tradition in Rome said that you would live as many years in addition as many glasses of wine you drink on the Ides of March. You know Caesar was an abstinent and where it hot him...

Please let us know how you plan to drink at least a glass of wine tomorrow in honor of Anna Perenna (preferably also libating a gulp to her), asking for one or many more years for yourselves, and for Nova Roma. Let's celebrate the Anna Perenna Day, the Ides of March, tomorrow, as the Romans did, and by doing so, honor the closing of our 23rd Anniversary Games, the LUDI NOVI ROMANI!

Io Concordia! Io Ludi Novi Romani! Vivat Nova Roma, optima, maxima!

Cn. Lentulus, quaestor, pontifex
praefectus rei publicae adminstrandae
curator rei informaticae