MEGALESIA | Opening Ceremony

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, quaestor, praefectus rei publicae administrandae, curator rei informaticae, pontifex

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus pontifex, quaestor, praefectus rei publicae Quiritibu s. p. d.

Today, Nova Romans are starting the celebrations of the Megalesia, the Ludi Megalenses between 4-10 April, in honor of Magna Mater. Pray to Magna Mater today and offer Nova Roma in her custody and protection, ask her to protect yourself and your fellow Nova Romans from the current plague.
This holiday coincides with the Easter this year, and we invite our Christian citizens to join the celebrations and to offer their prayers of Easter for Nova Roma, for the success of Roman cultural revival and restoration. From the occasion of this Easter-time Megalesia, Catholic Christians are especially invited to offer prayers to Virgin Mary who can be interpreted as Magna Mater from a polytheistic view: ask her to favor Nova Roma and your fellow Nova Romans! Let us celebrate together the Megalesia and the Pascha, two holidays that millions of ancient Romans celebrated, but now in our age united in peace, Roman brotherhood, and mutual respect, for the glory of the Roman people, the Quirites!
Today morning, as pontifex, I have performed the Megalesia opening sacrifice of liba and milk to Magna Mater for you, Nova Romans, and for your res publica. At the same time, aedilis curulis P. Annaeus Placidus has opened the Ludi Megalenses with his colleague A. Iulius Paterculus aedilis curulis. 
Read aedilis P. Annaeus' opening speech in the previous posts, and Happy Megalesia to all!


Favete linguis!


Magna Mater Deum Idaea,
te hoc libo dato bonas preces precor,
uti sies volens propitia Novae Romae,
mihi, domo, familiae!

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,
by offering you this libum, I pray good prayers so
that you may be benevolent and propitious to Nova Roma
to me, to my household and to my family.]

Magna Mater Deum Idaea,
uti te libo dato bonas preces precatus sum,
eiudem rei ergo macte hoc lacte libando
esto fito volens propitia Novae Romae,
mihi domo familiae!

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,
as by offering you the libum I have well prayed good prayers,
for the very same reason be thou, blessed by this milk,
benevolent and propitious to Nova Roma
to me, to my household and to my family.]


Magna Mater Deum Idaea,
te quaesumus veneramur precamur
uti hisce ludis Megalensibus tuis sanctissimis,
Novam Romam augeas, adiuves, confirmes,
omnibusque malis liberes,
utique pestem quae nunc in mundo est
a civibus Novis Romanis averrunces,
atque nobis ignoscas propter vitia nostra!

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,
we ask, pray and beseech you so
that, upon these Megalesian Games consecrated to you,
you may confirm, strengthen and help Nova Roma,
and liberate Her from all bad and evil,
and that you avert the coronavirus plague 
from the Nova Roman citizens,
and forgive us for our mistakes!]


Harum rerum ergo macte
hoc libo libando,
et hoc thure dato
esto fito volens propitia Novae Romae,
Populo Novo Romano Quiritibus,
Reique Publicae Populi Novi Romani Quiritium,
collegio pontificum,
mihi, domo, familiae!

[For all these reasons, thou blessed
by offering this libum,
by offering this incense
be benevolent and propitious to Nova Roma,
to the Nova Roman People of Quirites,
to the College of Pontiffs,
to me, to my household and to my family.]


Magna Mater Deum Idaea,
si quid vitii in hac caerimonia infuit,
ex te veniam peto,
et vitium meum hoc libo dato expio.

[Great Idaean Mother of the Gods,
if anything in this ceremony was displeasing to you,
I ask forgiveness from you,
and I expiate my fault with this libum.]



Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, pontifex

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