P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus, aedilis curulis

P. Annæus Constantinus Placidus quæstori et amico Lentulo  S.D.

Regarding my stories, of course different people have different 'keys' to write them. As my stories are meant to be entertaining, my main key is comedy. Of course I also insert a number of serious elements, as well as many references to real life and real people. For example, the character Manius Flavius Salvus is based on a real person, so I reproduced the appearance, the mood, the attitude and even the speech mannerisms of that person. Also, in the story for the Final, a fire engine/fire truck is mentioned at the beginning; this is also modeled on the fire engine I actually drive in real life, Still, the overall aspect of my stories is meant to be comedic. This is why there is a lot of giggling and laughing all the way through.

Regarding the third place, I can announce here that a private 3-lap race, with no cameras and no broadcast, has been run between the two chariots who classified second in their respective Semifinals: namely, Nova Roma, owned by yourself and driven by Dorothea, and Taurus Flammeus, owned by T. Popilia Lænas and driven by Attila, both for Factio Russata. The race was won by a very narrow margin by Taurus Flammeus.

Thanks for appreciating my stories, et optime vale.

- P. Ann. Con. Placidus

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