Re: French Call to Replace English with Latin as Europe's Official Language

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As much as i would love to hear that succeding, i fear it will not happen as the lingua franca of english was not voted on because of england alone but mainly because of the dominance of the english language worldwide after WW II. And now it is as deeply routed already that a official decision would probably opposed by the majority of populace...

ATS:  Largely for the reason I cited earlier:  modern people, even those who have had a lot of Latin, are totally terrified of speaking Latin, or even writing much in it.  They don't know that Latin has words for modern contrivances, much less know what they are.  They are innocent maidens, totally unaware of such realities.  They don't know about Latin immersions; they don't know about Latin practice groups; they don't know about news pages in Latin; they don't know about Melissa, an all-Latin academic journal, or about the Grex, an all-Latin mailing list.  Like the general population, they may also think that Latin was dead and buried several centuries ago.  Of course they are wrong, but then Latin is too often taught in methods not intended to produce spoken or written fluency, and Europe tends to hew even more closely to the traditional methods of Latin instruction, which are meant to produce people who can read Caesar, Cicero, and Vergil, not write or speak like any of the above (or any Roman author, for that matter).  Traditional Latin works very well for some (it did for me), but true fluency can be obtained only by instruction in a more natural method, such as Desessard's.  Add that in the U.S. at least, Latin is no longer taught in many high schools, even too many colleges.  A Jesuit college (of all things...) here is going to phase classics out altogether; business rules.  Those are the values of third world countries, but what the heck.  

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With the Brexit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, France has proposed replacing English with Latin as the lingua franca of Europe. They argue that between the influence of ancient Rome and the medieval Church, Latin is the natural choice.


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