Re: French Call to Replace English with Latin as Europe's Official Language

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As much as i would love to hear that succeding, i fear it will not happen as the lingua franca of english was not voted on because of england alone but mainly because of the dominance of the english language worldwide after WW II. And now it is as deeply routed already that a official decision would probably opposed by the majority of populace...

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Am Montag, 15. März 2021, 16:52:46 MEZ hat M'. Manlius Manilianus, quaestor <maniusmanliusmanilianus@...> Folgendes geschrieben:

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With the Brexit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, France has proposed replacing English with Latin as the lingua franca of Europe. They argue that between the influence of ancient Rome and the medieval Church, Latin is the natural choice.


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