Ludi Plebeii - Satis superque discrimina.

C. Artorius Praeconinus, praetor

Salvete omnes,

Lets start with the first game of the Ludi Plebeii, the latin quiz you all like expect in the ludi. This quiz will be dealing with Crisis over the history of our Nation and People. Mostly we dont look at the patricians but at the normal people beneath them our great plebs. 
The game will commence 4 rounds and a roman eagle pin can be won. But enough words lets start.

Exercitus omnium fortissimus, disciplina, manu experientiaque bellorum inter Romanos milites princeps, marcore ducis, perfidia hostis, iniquitate fortunae circumventus, cum ne pugnandi quidem aut egrediendi occasio iis, ...

1) Please translate the sentence.
2) To which crisis does it refer?
3) Name the source.
4) Name the author.
5) A Nova Roman made a libation on that event, please name who and when it happened. 

As the text is not necessary of the easy sort one i only will ask these 5 questions and dont add another sentence. 
Please send you answers to c_artorius_praeconinus@....
If you post the answers anywhere else you will be disqualified.

Good luck,

C. Artorius Praeconinus
Aedilis Plebis
Legatus Provinciae Germaniae

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