Edictum Proconsulare de rebus Provinciae Australiae intercedendis

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander, censor

Edictum Proconsulare de rebus Provinciae Australiae intercedendis

I. Instructed by the senate, on the basis of my authorization as proconsul with greater imperium over certain provinces where I am not the actual governor, including Provincia Australia, I issue a special edict intervening into the internal matters of Australia in order to help and support the favorable developments in the province started by citizen D. Aurelius Ingeniarius.

II. D. Aurelius Ingeniarius started to develop an active local community of Nova Roma within Australia with promising success, entering contact with various Roman cultural organizations with the potential of alliance. As proconsul with supervising authority, I applaud and recognize the efforts of D. Aurelius. The governor of Australia, M. Claudius Nero legatus pro praetore is unfortunately incapacitated to conduct the necessary guiding and directing work and oversight, as he is located in a different geographical area, and as he is busy with other obligations and is currently unable to conduct fast and effective leadership, therefore I intervene with my imperium maius possessed over Australia and give the necessary authorizations to D. Aurelius Ingeniarius in order to build an active province of Nova Roma.

III. I hereby appoint citizen D. Aurelius Ingeniarius as my legatus in Australia, with the full title legatus proconsulis Cn. Lentuli Alexandri in Australia, and with the mandate to represent Nova Roma in my name and under proconsular power and authority. He has the special mandate to recruit citizens, recruit cooperating reenactment groups, and to establish a living and working community of Nova Romans in Australia.

IV. In addition to the previous office, I hereby appoint D. Aurelius Ingeniarius as the vice-governor of Provincia Australia, with the title praefectus provinciae Australiae administrandae. In this capacity, he reports to governor M. Nero legatus pro praetore Australiae, and secondarily, to me as his shared supervisor. His task is to govern Australia in lieu of the incapacitated governor, unless and until the governor becomes actively governing or instructs him otherwise. In case of need, I reserve the right to intervene, but intend not to, unless absolutely needed.

V. Oath of office is required, this edict takes effect immediately.

Date: Kal. Oct. Q. Arrio P. Annaeo coss.

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander

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