M. Caecilius Metellus Tocaiensis, aedilis plebis

M. Metellus Tocaiensis aedilis curulis civibus SPD

The Ludi Romani was ceremonially closed yesterday by pontifex Lentulus' prayer in Ulpia Serdica (Sofia), our new municipium.

My duty remains to administratively close them, with this statement. Thank all who participated: you honored Roman culture!

Here comes Lentulus' report from the live last day of the ludi with the gladiator games and my calculation of the betting game winner:

- - - - - 

The last day of the Ludi Romani of Nova Roma was celebrated in the new municipium of Nova Roma, Ulpia Serdica yesterday, in Provincia Thracia of Nova Roma, as part of the "SERDICA IS MY ROME" - "Сердика е моят Рим" city festival of Sofia, organized by the governor of NR Thracia, A. Vitellius Celsus legatus pro praetore.

Gladiatorial games, with gladiators of the FAMILIA GLADIATORIA PANNONICA (partner of Nova Roma), were held by aedilis plebis C. Cornelius Barosus, who also participated as a gladiator in the fights (see BAROSUS) in front of the consul of Nova Roma, Q. Arrius and the governor of Thracia and duumvir of the new municipium A. Vitellius, and quaestor and guest governor of Pannonia, prefect Italia and of Nova Roma's public administration, Cn. Lentulus pontifex. The judge of the fights was Velox from the LUDUS GLADIATORUM "AQUINCUM", another partner group of Nova Roma. Citizens of Nova Roma worldwide could make their bets about the winning gladiators on our online forum. The list of winners is the following:

FIGHT 1 - ROMANUS the Cruppellarius vs PARDALAS the Murmillo
- Winner: ROMANUS

FIGHT 2 - TERRA the Provocator vs DELPHINUS the Provocator

FIGHT 3 - AMICA the Retiarius vs VICTORINUS the Secutor

FIGHT 4 - BAROSUS the Thraex vs PARDALAS the Murmillo
- Winner: BAROSUS

FIGHT 5 - DELPHINUS the Provocator vs ROMANUS the Murmillo
- Winner: ROMANUS

FIGHT 6 - AMICA the Laquearius vs VICTORINUS the Secutor
- Winner: AMICA

FIGHT 7 - BAROSUS the Hoplomachus vs PARDALAS the Murmillo
- Winner: BAROSUS

Bets ranking

M. Pompeius Caninus 6/7 pts 
S. Lucilius Tutor 5/7 pts
A. Iulius Paterculus 3/7 pts
D. Aurelius Ingeniarius 3/7 pts

WINNER OF THE BETTING GAME:   M. Pompeius Caninus  who will receive the award of Roman eagle pin with SPQR. Congrats!!!

During the festival, the day before yesterday, a new municipium (city-level local chapter of Nova Roma) was established among solemn circumstances. The new municipium was lustrated and inaugurated by Ti. Claudius and ritually founded by a founding commission, consisting of the consul of Nova Roma, Q. Arrius, the quaestor and prefect of Nova Roma's administration, legatus pro praetore of Pannonia and prefect of Italia Cn. Lentulus pontifex, and by legatus pro praetore of Thracia A. Vitellius Celsus. A. Vitellius Celsus and C. Ulpius Iustinianus were elected as the first duumviri (mayors) of the revived municipium Ulpia Serdica at the first comitia after the founding.

On the pictures below, at the closing munera gladiatoria of the Ludi Romani, presiding over the games are the consul of the Res Publica Nova Romana Q. Arrius, the new duumvir of Serdica and governor of Provincia Thracia A. Vitellius, and quaestor of the Nova Roman res publica, Cn. Lentulus governor of Pannonia and prefect of Italia and of public administration, guarded by lictors. Consul Q. Arrius wears his consular toga and senatorial tunica laticlavia, duumvir and governor Vitellius wears a late Roman outfit of high rank, and quaestor Lentulus, an equestrian of Nova Roma, wears just his equestrian tunica angusticlavia -- as he is not a senator -- and his pontifical toga praetexa of narrower border:

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