The Corflu Fifty

Since 2008 the Corflu Fifty has been supported by a group of fanzine fans who have agreed each year to help fund a deserving fanzine fan to attend the next year's Corflu.  In return for contributing to the recipient's expenses, they also help choose who should receive the honour.  This e-list hosts news of the fund and discusses who is deserving for the next trip.

Winners so far: 2008, Steve and Elaine Stiles; 2009, Curt Phillips; 2010, Earl Kemp; 2011, Dave Hicks; 2012, Shelby Vick; 2013, Rob Hansen; 2014, Dan & Lynn Steffan; 2015, Geri Sullivan; 2016, Grant Canfield; 2017, Pete Young; 2018, Paul & Cas Skelton; 2019, Steve Jeffery.  In 2020, Tommy Ferguson and Howard Waldrop came to Corflu 37 in College Station, TX, when for the first time we supported two separate trips.  Corflu Concorde will be in Bristol, UK, at whichever time in 2021 will permit free and easy attendance, and we expect to support a new Corflu Fifty honoree - watch this space for details.

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