Re: VCO TP Frequency OK and CW tone OK - RESOLVED

Don Woodward

Finally - I got the CW sounding like it should - I modified some filter settings on filter 3 on my IC-705 IF radio and it sounds good to me.  

See new video at top of my blog at 

Thanks again to all here who replied to my posts on this - there's so much RF talent here!

Now to get this second unit in a case.


Don W.

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Seems like you're off frequency. You should have a strong, clear CW note. But yes, it's definitely working--glad to see you've cleared that hurdle!

--73, Rus

On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 3:00 AM Don Woodward <dbwoodw@...> wrote:
Progress - pointing them directly at each other about 2 feet away from each other with chaparral feed (TX) on one and the conical horn (RX) on the other - I hear the beacon.

The TX is on a battery and the RX is on a power supply - going to hookup RX to a battery next to see if that improves things.

The video is at the top of my blog at 


Don W

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When you switch the unit on with the IF rig attached, what kind of increase in noise do you hear?  Mine increases by probably a few dB. Do you hear anything in the pass band on the receiver when the other unit is transmitting in beacon mode? Even when I'm not tuned right on it, I hear a noticeable hiss increase in the receiver with the CW.

73, Zack W9SZ

On Thu, Sep 2, 2021 at 7:11 PM Don Woodward <dbwoodw@...> wrote:
Yes sir initially red when powered on then green - solid red on key of mike or cw key, with both mike and key switches it flashes red in sync with beacon and I hear sidetone of beacon.  This is working for both.  

73’s DE KD4APP 

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Subject: Re: [The122GProject] VCO TP Frequency OK now but no IF output still
Don -

I wouldn't jump to reflashing so quickly...

Does your LED change color from tx to rx?
Do you hear any noise on the IF out?

Check out these two previous posts:  #1012 and #1516   for some simple tests

Check your control wiring, see:



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