Re: VK3CV 122 board status display


Thanks Barry
Will do that next year.
I ordered two boards so I can do local testing talking to my self hi hi.
No idea of an enclosure yet but will include your display on each me thinks ūüėȬ†


On Mon, 7 Dec 2020, 08:49 Barry Chambers, <b.chambers@...> wrote:

Hi Nick

at least 5 have been built as beta testers in the UK so far. Ask me for the sketch when you want to build one.

The article in SP seems to have got a bit ammended as there should also have been a photo of the mounted board.

73 Barry, G8AGN

On 07/12/2020 08:44, G1BVI wrote:
Hi Barry
Saw that in Scatterpoint and wondered how you had mounted it etc..... these are the missing images.
It looks a very interesting  addition. 

Hioe to get my 122 next year..
I am sure this will be a popular add on



On Mon, 7 Dec 2020, 08:37 Barry Chambers, <b.chambers@...> wrote:
I have developed a status display for the 122 GHz board. It is based on an Arduino Pro-Mini and looks at the state of the CH A/B, PTT, KEY and channel switches. This information is then displayed on a 160x128 TFT colour display, together with the 122 Board's transmit or receive mode. and frequencies. If  wanted, the display can also use the output from the 122 board's GPS module to display the time and your 10 figure Maidenhead locator. See photos and schematic attached.

73  Barry, G8AGN
Barry, G8AGN

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