First QSO using the "Spanish Dish"


Dr OMs
Yeterday, Steen, OZ2TG and I performed our first 122 GHz QSO and thereby also the first QSO using a 3D printed offset dish taken from this article:

The distance was around 800 metres along the runway at the abandoned Vaerlose AB. Steen was using a 21 dBi horn. At 800 metres there was still lots of signal, so the antenna surely works at 122 GHz. Due to difficulties with my 2 metre talk-back radio and the sloping of the runway we were not able to extend the distance further.

The antenna is printed with 0.12 mm layer thickness and sprayed with 2 layers of EMV 35 conductive paint.

The system to left at the picture is equipped with a W2IMU horn with an additonal 3D printed conical horn, 16 mm in diameter. This gives about 7 dB additional gain.

vy 73

Jorgen, OZ7TA

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